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Free trial is very popular! !!
New friends one after another! !!

Free trials are available at any time during the lesson!
STEP ❶: Please check the training time below.
STEP❷: Please wear comfortable clothes.
STEP❸: Don't forget your mask.
For other inquiriesEmail or call us!
Please actually tighten the obi and experience it.
★★★ Enrollment Campaign ★★★ ​​
We will inform you after the free trial is over!

Make your childhood fun and make a lively voice!
The boys' club should be confident in themselves!
​​ Cultivate a spirit of overcoming bullying!
The general department is for health, physical fitness maintenance, and stress relief!
Safe with abundant armor! A large dojo equipped with air conditioning!
Learn from martial arts, learn from karate, and do your best.
Courtesy (greetings, listening attitude), etc. naturally
I will keep up with myself. This is Shoseikai.

All Japan Karatedo Shoseikai trains the body through the martial art of karate, and develops a rich and strong spiritual power.
We want to be a dojo where we can maximize the significance of our existence as a place of growth as a place of trials to grow into a human being who can nourish and contribute to society. And all the staff, all the members, do their best every day without neglecting effortsIt is a dojo that grows together.
Full contact karate adopts a kumite match that adopts the direct hitting rule, and also adopts a direct hitting training system
I say karate.
It is distinguished from the game rules of light contact, which is commonly used in traditional karate.
In general, it often refers to direct hit karate without gloves and armor, but at Shoseikai, it refers to karate with armor.
Since we have a system that includes it, you can practice with confidence.
The large permanent dojo is covered with mats for safety, and the air-conditioning system makes it comfortable for parents to visit.
You can see it.
Parents can take a tour while their children are practicing, so even if they have small children, they will not feel anxious and feel at ease.
You can take lessons.
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​Free trial introduction movie
​There is also a special lesson for beginners!
Dojo introduction video
Dojo kun
道場 地図.jpg

​Many national tournament players belong!

​You can participate in the 2nd and 4th Friday type, 6th grade and above. (No type / advanced class on the 1st, 3rd and 5th Fridays)

All the types and basics of the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays can participate. (No type / basic class on the 2nd, 4th, and 5th Wednesdays)

​All classes will be closed on the 3rd Sunday.

The third Saturday of odd-numbered months from 18:30 is only for the black beltIt will be a lesson.

Higashiurawa Full Contact Karate Dojo in Saitama City [All Japan Karatedo Shoseikai]
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Click here if you want to embroider your dogi!
(Please tell me that it is Shoseikai)

Name: All Japan Karatedo Shoseikai Representative: Makoto Watanabe Address: 2-70-1 Higashiurawa, Midori-ku, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture
Phone: 048-753-9031

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